One Click Gives Back

A Global Impact

We’re spreading happiness beyond our four walls.

The foundation of our partnership is simple: Together, we can improve lives.

Across the world, millions of people suffer from inadequate access to eyewear. We’re committed to changing that.

People without access to eyewear in these countries face steep consequences if their eyesight deteriorates. For example, if a woman makes her income by weaving, farsightedness can prevent her ability to see fine details required of the profession. A pair of reading glasses can make all the difference.

As Timmy Global Health’s only consistent eyewear partner, we’re donating reading glasses and sunglasses to the people who need them most — adults and children lacking quality medical care.

“We were not all born to be doctors and nurses, but we were all born to be healers.”
–Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Founder and President of Timmy Global Health

Our Mission

Timmy Global Health is on a mission to expand access to healthcare and empower the next generation of global health advocates. Serving over 15,000 patients each year throughout seven communities, Timmy is dedicated to creating local partnerships and building long-term relationships.

At One Click, we’re guided by our passion to enrich lives. We’re setting out to help people find the eyewear meant for them by donating more than 8,000 pairs of glasses in 2019, and we have no plans to slow down. With Timmy Global Health by our side, we’re ready to make a global impact.

Help us make an impact.

Do you have sunglasses or reading glasses you aren’t using anymore? We want them! The more glasses we collect, the larger impact we can make to those in need. Fill out the form to the right and we’ll send you a return label to send us your old product. With your help, we can make a difference.

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