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Get a group of One Clickers together, and you can automatically tell from the conversation and laughter that we’re a creative group. Lucky for us, acting on out-of-the-box ideas is encouraged — something that makes the One Click culture unique.

The team I’m part of (team Thundercats!) loves OCV’s encouragement of creativity and ingenuity.When you spend all day working on the Internet, you come across so much crafty and unique inspiration, which is the basis of most of our creative endeavors.

We often have DIY Fridays where we each work on a DIY scarf project during the afternoon. Some of our projects have included a scarf camera strap, a DIY printed scarf, DIY Scarf Flats, and a DIY no-sew poncho.

But it’s not all fun and games! Our DIY projects are based off keyword research. We want to create content that drives traffic and encourages social sharing.  Each project is an opportunity to take advantage of traffic from sharing sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Craft Gawker, Twitter, and Facebook.

pinterest on computer screen

Our most successful of these creative projects is definitely a graphic Stacie made that documents 12 different ways to wear a scarf. Stacie styled and photographed a mannequin wearing Affordable Scarves 12 unique ways. The graphic has resulted in over 38,000 Pinterest Pins, 328,000 Stumbles, and 151 Tweets — wow!

how to tie a scarf graphic

The Thundercats aren’t the only creative One Clickers. The Handbag Heaven editors have been making DIY glitter bags, while the Socks4Life crew managed to make a creative guide on everything socks. And when the whole marketing team comes together to brainstorm at retreats, so many clever ideas are formed that it’s hard to pick the best ones — but that’s another story :)



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