OCV Gets Stylish This Season

As a member of the Organic team and a fashion fan, I consider myself pretty lucky: I get paid to follow the latest trends, drive links to our affordable and oh-so-stylish products, and create seasonal content for our stores.  And here at One Click, we’ve got a knack for coming up with useful resources to help people everywhere look (and feel) their best. The Organic team has been busy brainstorming, designing, writing, and editing in order to bring a bevy of fashionable projects your way just in time for winter.

A few weeks back, we introduced the launch of the new resource Heel to Toe: A Guide to Feet. And while feet aren’t the most exciting topic to talk about, they are when paired with the most fabulous niche of all. Feet and fashion go hand in hand (foot in foot?), and when it comes to styling your toes, Team Honey Badgers has got you covered.


Need new inspirations on how to wear your fashion and dress socks? Heel to Toe’s Fancy Feet section gives an extensive look into wearing everything from slouch socks to knee highs. How about a complete A to Z guide on fall/winter fashion? This descriptive 2011 trend guide covers the most coveted clothing, accessories, shoes, and (of course!) socks of the season.


Another resource perfect for upcoming seasonal soirees is the Heel to Toe Holiday Fashion Guide, which showcases how to sport hot trends like sparkles, satin, lace, and fur. From stylish socks to fancy footwear pairings to holiday apparel, Heel to Toe has advice, product suggestions, and tips to getting winter chic.

At Handbag, home to a large fashionista following, Team Wolverines took personal style to a whole new level. The newly launched Style Guide highlights a series of fashion-savvy bloggers doing what they do best: styling our handbags with their chic everyday ensembles. The guide features 18 (and counting!) style gurus and their enviable looks.


Want to figure out your own personal style? After answering a few questions about date night dress, statement accessories, and décor preferences, The Handbag Heaven Style Quiz pinpoints exactly what makes your style so spectacular. After taking the quiz, the resource offers a Style Board with all sorts of inspiration for each individual style personality, from classic to rocker-chic.

For a dose of holiday handbag pizazz, now has a Holiday Gift Guide, with suggestions on outfits for every occasion, what to give others on your shopping list, and product spotlights for your wish list. From runway to real life, Handbag Heaven is now filled with fashionable insights and interactive resources.

And last but certainly not least, Team Thundercats recently launched the highly-anticipated e-book, All Tied Up: A Lookbook of Ideas. This gem of a resource gives just about anyone—from scarf beginners to self-proclaimed experts—the knowledge and confidence they need to pull off a scarf all year round. As a side project for, this lookbook offers directions for washing and storing scarves, new ways to wear them in your hair, and how to mix and match patterns.

Along with the e-book, is home to our How to Tie a Scarf series, which is an incredible series of 37 tutorials on tying everything from winter scarves to wrap scarves. Need more scarf stimulation? Head on over to the all-in-one Savvy Scarf resource showcasing videos, graphics, DIY projects, and even bizarre scarf inspirations.

If there’s a way to wear a scarf, chances are, our team has already styled it.

There you have it: a look into the smorgasbord of stylish projects the Organic team has been busy working on over the past couple of months. We’re very proud of how far these resources have come and hope they teach others a thing or two about the wonderful world of fashion.

In fact, I dare you to try a few (if not all) of them out. Just don’t be surprised at all of the compliments coming your way this season.

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