Superbowl Celebrations — OCV Style

Located just a few miles from downtown Indianapolis, the One Click team could not be more excited to have Super Bowl XLVI right in our backyard. With a hometown advantage, the OCV organic team created the Insider’s Guide to Super Bowl XLVI, which shares details on events surrounding the big game. The organic team also compiled a list of favorite Indianapolis restaurants and nightlife spots to help football fans who visit the Super City. To get an insider’s view on all the Super Bowl festivities, the organic team and I  took a field trip downtown one afternoon to take in the sights and to explore the Super Bowl Village for ourselves — we snapped some photos, ate at a favorite restaurant, and explored the sights!

While downtown, the first thing we noticed were all of the race cars lined up along Meridian, right at Monument Circle. Indianapolis is most known for the Indy 500, but this is supposed to be Super Bowl week, right? There was an IndyCar to represent each of the 32 teams in the NFL, including my beloved Chicago Bears (Yes, I’m a Bears fan who lives in Indianapolis!).

After wandering through all the IndyCars, we took a photo in front of the massive XLVI sign on Monument Circle. We know that people travel from all over the world for the Super Bowl experience, and we met a couple from France during the photo shoot. The gentlemen offered to take a photo so we could all be in the picture at once. He even jumped in a photo with the lovely ladies of the organic team so he could show off his scarf. When he asked the team where we were from, we told him Indianapolis. He said, “Oh, I”m from over there!” as he motioned towards France.

Even the Civil War soldier at the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument wanted to try on our amazing scarf.

And the photo shoot wouldn’t be complete without a picture from the equally good looking Sunglass Warehouse team!

After lunch, but before heading back to the office, we decided to walk around town and the Super Bowl Village to take in the atmosphere. Stacie was kind enough to bring her camera and take plenty of photos so you can get a better feel for the festive city that is Indianapolis! Here are some of photos from around town:

These are the Roman numerals on Monument Circle that signify Super Bowl 46.

There are football statues scattered everywhere downtown.

Georgia Street is the heart of Super Bowl Village.

This is the other side of Georgia Street in Super Bowl Village.

Here’s another shot of the bustling Super Bowl village — there are visitors wandering around everywhere.

Don’t you love their scarves?

There are plenty of great concerts in Super Bowl Village, including free ones!

The old Nordstrom building was converted to The Huddle, an entertainment center and nightclub, for the Super Bowl.

And lastly, this is what the Super Bowl 46 sign looks like from the view of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument.

We hope these shots give you a taste of all the bustle the big game is bringing our hometown!

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