Julie Schieferstein


Julie is OCV’s¬†Junior Buyer & Merchandiser, meaning she assists with the purchasing and adds all of the products you see to our sites! One of her favorite parts of her job is taking a semi-annual trip to Las Vegas, NV where she purchases all of the products for our coming seasons. Julie is Indiana born and raised, growing up in Fort Wayne. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio in 2010. After graduating, she became an intern at One Click and the rest is history! Julie loves to travel, her favorite places being anywhere in Europe, New York City, or the beaches of North Carolina, She is a die-hard football fan (Go Colts!), and lives with her twin sister Betsy and two lovable pups.

Fun Fact: She tried out for Teen Jeopardy when she was in high school. Only made it through the first round of tryouts, but got a cool souvenir!