Our Story

We have a history  — a history of growth, of ecommerce expertise, and of creating the kind of environment where people love coming to work every day.

Based in Greenwood, Indiana, One Click Ventures began in 2005 in the one-room home office of our founders, Randy and Angie Stocklin. With sunglasses lining the shelves and cardboard boxes lining their hallway, the Stocklins discovered something special: They could offer people a convenient and affordable way to buy eyewear online.

Over the next eight years, both One Click’s business and team expanded rapidly, exploring not just online eyewear, but fashion accessories and travel products, too. We outgrew one office, and then another, and then another. In the process, we built a team of people who love ecommerce and a culture founded on core values that encourage excellence, integrity, and continuous learning. And as the company changed and evolved, a singular passion emerged: We wanted to redefine the way people buy eyewear. 

After years of selling reading glasses and sunglasses online, the team at One Click had learned a lot about our customers’ optical needs. We realized that the biggest problem with buying glasses online was getting the right fit, so we set out to do what no eyewear retailer had successfully done: build a personalized shopping experience meant to find the right pair of glasses for each individual customer. In 2014, One Click launched felix + iris, a prescription eyewear brand designed to find you a pair that looks great, feels comfortable, and meets all your vision needs.

Today our three brands  — felix + iris, Readers.com, and Sunglass Warehouse — work together to serve the eyewear needs of any customer, whether it’s sunglasses, reading glasses, progressives, or bifocals. In the process, we’re constantly working to improve our experience, and to provide a top notch environment and career opportunity for our team members.

Felix + Iris
Sunglass Warehouse


Want to learn more? Read about our eyewear brands here, or see if joining the OCV team is right for you!