Based in Greenwood, Indiana, One Click Ventures was founded in 2005 in the one-room home office of husband and wife, Randy and Angie Stocklin. Since then, One Click has experienced a tremendous amount of growth by acquiring underperforming brands in a variety of niches and plugging these brands into a common operating platform. In 2013, however, One Click Ventures began an exciting transformation that will forever change the business and set the team up for unprecedented growth and impact.

What does this exciting transformation entail? In exploring the online eyewear space, the team set out to solve a significant problem in the market and unknowingly kicked off a brand new journey for One Click. We can’t give you all the details yet — our new brand is in stealth mode until its launch in the early fall of 2014. But in the meantime, we can tell you that it is the single most exciting change in One Click’s history. We can also tell you that Readers.com and SunglassWarehouse.com will be sticking around, too. The launch of the new brand later this year will officially complete our transition to an eyewear-only company and will mark the beginning of our mission to fundamentally alter the eyewear industry.