Based in Greenwood, Indiana, One Click Ventures was founded in 2005 in the one-room home office of our founders, Randy and Angie Stocklin. Over the next eight years, One Click experienced tremendous growth by acquiring underperforming brands in a variety of niches, from fashion accessories to travel products, and plugging these brands into a common operating platform. In 2013, however, we began an exciting transformation that forever changed the business.

After years of selling reading glasses and sunglasses online, the team at One Click had learned a lot about our customers’ optical needs. Realizing that the biggest problem with buying glasses online is getting fit right, we set out to do what no eyewear retailer had successfully done: build a personalized shopping experience designed to find the right pair of glasses for each individual customer. Finding the right fit meant delivering a pair that looks great, feels comfortable, and meets all your vision needs.

With the mindset that all glasses wearers, regardless of age or vision, can experience the convenience and affordability of buying online, One Click launched felix + iris in September of 2014. We’ve taken the traditional in-store experience of shopping for glasses and made it more convenient, affordable, and straightforward. Through our advanced tools and in-house optical expertise, we focus on getting to know each customer’s individual style and optical needs so they can look and feel great in their glasses.

Today our three brands work together to serve the eyewear needs of any customer, whether it’s sunglasses, reading glasses, progressives, or bifocals. In the process, we are constantly working to improve our experience and provide the right fit for every customer.

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