One Click Ventures, established in 2005, is a well-funded, active acquirer of Internet-based businesses with the potential for stable, long-term growth. If you own a website or domain that you are interested in selling, the team here at One Click Ventures may be interested in a purchase.


Areas of Interest:

Ecommerce Companies
One Click Ventures started with a single ecommerce acquisition in 2005 and we now purchase multiple ecommerce businesses each year. We are a nimble operation are are able to arrive at decisions in a short time-frame.

Content and Affiliate Websites
We acquire non-product based websites and plan to aggressively grow this portfolio via strategic acquisitions. Regardless of size, contact our team if you are interested in selling your blog, lead-generation, affiliate, or content site.

If you are interested in selling a domain or multiple domains, we want to speak with you. We can make a quick determination of interest and routinely close domain acquisitions within 48 hours.